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Pernod Ricard

In an increasingly competitive digital retail shopping environment, Pernod Ricard need to ensure they are winning the digital shelf through minimising barriers to purchase whilst retaining their brands products premium appeal. Network developed a series of images displaying optimised information and premium branding to test in multiple markets.

Network developed a series of image iterations designed GS1 standards for Jameson, Perrier Jouet and Ballantine with premium badging options that communicated the key attributes of the products that were put into testing in the UK, US, SA, Brazil and Japan markets. Learnings are currently being collated to aid in the full roll out of the hero image optimisation project.


Working closely with the Pernod e-commerce content team and within the GS1 guidelines, Network developed a set of images to put into consumer testing to understand which image will enable Pernod Ricard to win the digital shelf . This series of test images portrayed differing amounts of on-image product information to test with aim to understand how a consumer interacts with images on the digital shelf, what information they require and what information aids in purchase.


Pernod Ricard has seen exponential growth of digital channels over the past year and are focused on continuing their growth in this space. To do this, they need to ensure that they win the digital shelf and minimise the barriers to purchase regardless of where their shoppers are. Within FMCG, much has been done to develop a ‘new approach’ to optimising imagery on the digital shelf – with the concept of ‘Mobile Ready Hero Images’ being adopted by many corporations. For lower price, mainstream items the current layout works well. However. for more premium brands such as Pernod the existing solution is less viable

Creative Development

Our team work closely with Pernod Ricard to develop asset optimisation design and development for a rang of Pernod Ricard brands

Photography and Retouching

Our team work with Pernod Ricard e-commerce team to retouch product images in line with the optimisation principles.

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