Years as Partners


From 2020 to date

Services provided

  • Digital & Social

  • Moving Image

  • Print and Production

  • Creative Development


Following a phase of growth, Kindred Group had created a production model using several design production teams situated across different global markets leading to increasing costs and head count. Following an internal review, it became clear that a streamlined production team and process was required to efficiently deliver their onsite asset and banner production for their global markets.


Working closely with the Kindred team, Network reviewed the current global design structure with the aim of streamlining the design resource. Following the review, the Kindred global design production teams were consolidated into a Kindred London design team, supported by Network producing the large volume on-site asset production and banner development.


  • Following the integration of the partnership Kindred benefited from high volume, fast turnaround and professional support from a dedicated account team.
  • Dedicated design and development team for the Kindred account delivering over 300 projects per month.
  • Consistency of work, based on style and brand guidelines for all Kindred brands
  • Streamlining of internal Kindred processes to reduce time to market.
  • 15.33% cost saving on design resource in 1st year of partnership.
  • Overflow capacity in Network on conceptual design and motion work.
  • Implementation of of technology to support the wider Kindred brands.

Creative Development

Our creative team work closely with the Design team at Kindred Group to help with their digital and print design needs for their global market requirements.

Digital & Socials

As a digital, global group consisting of 8 brands it’s imperative that Network can deliver the volume of onsite assets, digital banner ads and landing pages required. A dedicated Kindred design and build team was established using efficient workflows and technology such as Bannerflow to ensure global production volumes were met.

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

Digital & Social


Our dedicated Kindred design team support Kindred on multiple-format print executions in channels such as DM’s and print advertising.

Moving Image

With an ever increasing need to create content for social channels, our motion team support Kindred on mass volume production for all Kindred motion requirements.

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