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  • Digital & Social

  • Print and Production

  • Creative Development

Capital Group

Capital Group had been working with a UK-based creative agency for many years but realised over time they were not receiving value for money and that the resource investment was not sufficient to meet the growing and demanding needs of a global account. Following a pricing and workflow review, Network accepted the challenge of streamlining the entire production process for local markets, delivering higher performance, greater efficiency and reducing costs by over 40%.


Network worked closely with Capital Group to understand their local market communication needs and the current pain points they were experiencing. Following this review a series of new working practices were established to enable a greater degree of collaboration between the central team, local market teams and the agency. Network also integrated a digital approval and delivery platform (Axiom), to ensure the secure supply of all creative assets and providing the client with a full and transparent always-on record of all campaigns, from any market at any given time.


  • Delivering higher-volume, faster-turnaround solutions underpinned by ISO quality assurance.
  • Achieving greater creative consistency across all local markets.
  • Investing in dedicated, experienced design and account teams to deliver best practice services.
  • Reducing lead times from concept development, to execution, to supply.
  • Developing robust, fit-for-purpose workflow systems to increase efficient and reduce costs.

Creative Development

Our creative team work closely with the Head of Brand & Design at Capital Group to help develop conceptual digital and print design solutions based on global market requirements.

Digital and Social

Our design and build team storyboard, develop and deliver all HTML display and email creative for our client teams across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Print and Production

Our design and artwork team create multiple-format print executions which our production team then prepare for supply to publications using Axiom, a secure digital delivery platform.

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