Project Luangwa

network are proud to be supporting Project Luangwa, a charity that was formed by safari operators in South Luangwa and aims to help local communities improve their futures without damaging the environment and wildlife. As part of this a main function of the charity is to help to provide an education to children in Zambia who are orphaned or vulnerable

As part of this a main function of the charity is to help to provide an education to children in the Zambia who are orphaned or vulnerable. School is not free in the Zambia after grade 7 and therefore, due to this many pupils drop out, as they cannot afford it. At network we chose to sponsor two children’s education.

This money goes straight towards the children and their education, including school fees and materials they may need such as uniforms and stationery. The charity keeps you well informed about your children, letting you know how they are getting on at school and encouraging them to write letters to you in which you can reply.

Not only does this mean you can directly see how your donation has had an impact, but it allows you to forge a relationship and help develop their English as they read and write back to you. We think that this is a great charity, would this be something you’d be willing to get involved in too?

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