Raising awareness of OneWelbeck's bowel cancer treatment

Private hospital client OneWelbeck tasked us with creating a campaign raising awareness that bowel cancer can affect anyone and is preventable, therefore people should book in for a colonoscopy today. This was to be conveyed clearly and concisely in a 10 second ad featuring on a digital escalator panel in Bond Street tube station.

The Approach

Our team of expert account managers and designers managed to turn around this short animated clip to effectively convey the message to a high standard.

The Creative

The creative thought was “it can happen to anyone”. We had to get the message across very quickly so we opted for something visual that would grab the attention of someone passing by on an escalator. We wanted to show a cross section of people from fitness fanatics to the elderly to emphasise the point. We used white figurative line drawings set against the Welbeck blue background which gave us the right look and feel to help us get the message across.