Helping St John Ambulance Create Life Savers

St John Ambulance is the charity that steps forward in the moments that matter, to save lives and support communities. Every year they help around 500,000 people, including children and young people, learn how to save a life through first aid training.

One of their key fundraising routes is through the weekly St John Ambulance Lottery. However, given the crowded and competitive nature of the charity lottery market St John Ambulance was struggling to stand out. Based on our previous success working with the charity Network was asked to develop a campaign to increase awareness, cut through the crowded market and drive sales of the lottery initiative.

Bringing Life Savers to the Front

Working with JAA, their independent media agency, three core audiences were identified for Network to develop a targeted social campaign with the aim of engaging viewers, educating them on the work the charity undertakes and driving purchase intent on their lottery platform.

Based on category, brand and consumer insights, we identified each audiences’ needs and priorities and utilised the brand and key differentiators to develop messaging that educated why St John Ambulance is a charity worthy of support. Two key focus areas were developed with associating copy and creative derived from audience insights, with the emphasis being on how ‘You’ the player can make a difference. These were underpinned by a consistent story as to how the charity can help save people’s lives on a daily basis and make a real difference.

A range of social posts including video, carousel and statics were developed for each core audience as well as A/B copy splits based on three core audience needs to ensure the campaign was constantly measured and optimised going forward.

Delivering Results

In the first week of the campaign going live;

1,751,611 impressions delivered
4,095 click engagements
370 new players delivered
£35 reduction in cost per player vs. previous campaign
£81.77 average player value

Thanks to the success of the social campaign, St. John Ambulance and Network are now working to develop the campaign into the digital display and broadcast channels.

St John Ambulance Testimonial

“Network took us on a journey bringing our lottery product to life in the social media landscape. Great insights, knowledge, creativity and easy to work with. An all-round fantastic experience!”