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Here’s a quick overview of the latest Econsultancy report focusing on ‘Optimising Programmatic Campaigns’…

At network, we’re constantly keeping up with the latest trends, industry reports and channel best practice guides. Here’s a quick overview of the latest Econsultancy report focusing on ‘Optimising Programmatic Campaigns’.

The report surveyed a total of 611 respondents including agency marketers, consultants and technology vendors as well as interviews with a number of industry professionals and programmatic thought leaders.

It covers a host of subjects centred on three topics of programmatic advertising;


1. The present state of programmatic advertising.
2. New practices in programmatic advertising.
3. Ways of working.


“According to Zenith’s latest programmatic marketing forecast, 65% of digital media advertising spend globally is currently spent on programmatic. These are expected to increase further in 2019 as more than 90% of all stakeholder groups state that they think their programmatic investment will increase over the next 12 months1”

It’s safe to say that programmatic is and will continue to be a key focus for advertising budgets in the foreseeable future. Here are the core findings of the report.


• GDPR has affected operations on all fronts – the advent of the regulation has been a challenging but beneficial development for the industry.
• Programmatic in-housing continues to increase.
• Audience buying is now much more focused on first-party and second-party data.
• Ad fraud and verification remains a key concern.
• Branding activity is taking precedent, but companies are now looking to track and measure attributions with much more clarity.
• Automation and machine learning are being developed steadily which are helping to improve campaign performance.
• More ads are being traded on the private marketplace.
• Streaming programmatic advertising is increasing in popularity, both in the realms of TV and audio. Connected TV is predicted to be a big player in 2019.
• Personalised creative and dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) ads are being utilised with more regularity according to contributors.
• Investments in programmatic are set to increase over the next 12 months.


Programmatic has a reputation of being the most complex leg of digital advertising, however there is a need to dispel this. It is now more important than ever that practitioners of programmatic ensure best practice techniques are clearly defined and followed.

One of the areas network works with our clients is on personalised ad solutions and dynamic creative optimisation. Understanding how customers move through the purchase funnel provides a wealth of opportunity for targeting audiences in new and bespoke ways. It allows us to help our clients use data and creativity to tell brand stories in a more effective way. Rather than showing one generic creative to all, we help our clients group audiences into segments and show them a custom creative that is more likely to resonate with that specific segment.

Using DCO we can relate dynamically to a number of data type: location, device, weather, contextual ad placement, time, demographics, retargeting information and more, allowing our clients to analyse and serve the right messaging down the sales funnel.

To wrap up below are the top ten takeaways from the report for optimising programmatic marketing;


1. Perfect the strategy. Ensure you have clearly defined goals and KPIs identified.
2. Buy with first-price auctions in mind.
3. Test PMPs against OMP equivalents.
4. Harness first-party data
5. Consider personalised advertising and DCO
6. Make the most of automation and AI
7. Keep abreast of developments in programmatic TV.
8. De-silo and ensure all teams are working in tandem
9. Test, test, test.
10. Evangelise great talent. Be sure to retain and train teams.


If you would like to find out more about how network can help with your next programmatic advertising or dynamic creative campaign or would like to find out more about the report then please email dennis@network-london.co.uk

1 https://www.zenithmedia.com/65-of-digital-media-to-be-programmatic-in-2019/

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