Meet the Team

Meet Gary Bailey, one of network’s senior designers and get to know what makes him tick.

My ideas all start with my imagination, a fine tip pen and a layout pad. Sketching out ideas allows me to explore a feel for the brand or project and is by far my preferred method of idea generation. At this point I’ll switch over to a digital format and use any combination of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Whilst talking over a project with our creative team is a valued part of our process, I do have to admit that I enjoy putting on my headphones, remove outside distractions and focusing squarely on the task at hand. Design styles and trends constantly evolve and I do my upmost to stay informed and in tune. 

My workload is so varied that on one day I could be designing a 50 page brochure, the next it could be designing the hoardings facia for a luxury apartments build. As a small company, we all have to work together to ensure that not only do we do the job on time, but we do it well, this requires a strong team ethic and good friendships. Outside of work however, we do often get together for a beer and a curry.  

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