Meet Martin - A member of our QC team

A separate QC team isn’t the norm in agencies these days. Most agencies delegate this work to the account team, so here’s an insight into Martin from our QC team. Martin is one of Network’s most cherished characters and brings a warmth, energy and professionalism to the job.

How long have you been at Network?

I started at Network in 2009, originally as an account manager. However thanks to my attention to detail (and possibly my borderline OCD!) I moved into the QC team in 2012 and have been a member of that team ever since.

Tell me briefly about your role?

The QC team check every artwork that Network produces to ensure that the copy is accurate, that any amends have been executed properly, that the work follows the clients’ brand guidelines and that copy is consistent with their style guides. A number of checks are performed by the software we use to design the ads but that doesn’t allow for context, nuance and creativity. If we’re unhappy about something we’ll alert the account team so they can take it up with the client.

What does a typical day look like?

We run two shifts in the QC team, 7-4 and 10-7. My typical day at Network starts around 7am with a strong cup of tea before starting the QC checks on the ads the design and studio team have produced the evening before. When the account managers arrive the ads are ready to be forwarded to the clients.
We have a rigorous QC protocol which calls for focus and attention.

Where have you worked before?

I’ve been around a bit – Parker Baines, Golley Slater before going back to Parker Baines and then a few more before settling down at Network.

What do you need to be good at your job?

You need great attention to detail and an abundance of patience (especially when you’re proof reading financial documents). You also need common sense.

How do you like working for Network?

We’ve got some great characters in the agency and a sense of humour is crucial especially when deadlines are pressing. But there’s also a lot of respect for each other too.

If you would like to find out more about our QC team, the role it plays in Network and how it can help you going forward please do get in touch.

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